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Episode 5 | Season 2
"Know when to pick your battles and return to do what's right." Delve into topics like Work-life balance versus Work-life integration and the vital role of Change Management.
Episode 4 | Season 2
"Trust, Respect, Flexibility, Empowerment & Compassion." These five elements are what every employee seeks says Dr. Sriharsha.
Episode 3 | Season 2
"What your employees - Say, Stay, & Strive." Let this mantra guide your Employee Engagement journey says Girija.
Episode 2 | Season 2
Seepika's golden words resonate: "Keep adding value and keep learning!" A mantra for all aspiring HR leaders shaping tomorrow.

Reports & Guides

gifts for employees


Bring the ‘Power of Choice’ to choose gifts

sales team

Sales Team Recognition Policy

Celebrating your sales team ‘Champions’ doesn’t only recognize them; it also inspires loyalty and motivation in your entire team.


On-The-Spot Awards 101

OTS awards program is a well-proven R&R technique that both employees and management highly appreciate.

personal benefits employees


The Power of Personalized Benefits


R & R Trends Report 2023

The key trends and best practices adopted by companies to combat Rewards & Recognition challenges.

employee onboarding guide

Employee Onboarding

A comprehensive guide that delineates a step-by-step approach to the Employee Onboarding process and framework.

Conquering the Era of EX

Access data-driven insights and expert opinions on benefits and rewards that foster employee engagement and motivation.

HR Insights

HR Insights