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100 work affirmations to kickstart your new year

by Team Advantage Club

Positive work affirmations are powerful self-assurance statements that can help boost confidence and reduce negativity throughout one’s professional and personal life.

Managers can motivate their teams by sharing positive affirmations, quotes, or statements that replace negative thoughts with the positive ones. Getting the entire team excited about using positive affirmations at work is a great way to keep your employees engaged and increase employee retention.

Using positive affirmations regularly can be beneficial to your well-being and set your company up for success. The benefits of affirming statements are maximized when they are practiced daily. Use these as notifications or on your pin-up board so you can repeat them whenever you see them.


Work Affirmations

What are Work Affirmations?

Work affirmations are phrases or statements that help a person overcome negative thoughts that arise during a typical workday. Individuals can benefit from using positive affirmations in the workplace in various ways, including increased confidence and self-esteem, which leads to improved performance and success in their careers.

Types of Work Affirmations

Positive work affirmations can be categorised into four types, they are:

  • Personal growth affirmations 
  • Self-esteem affirmations
  • Calming affirmations
  • Funny affirmations 

Here are some statements that will encourage and inspire you to improve your work-life balance and help you stay motivated.

Personal growth affirmations

  1. My chances of success are limitless.
  2. Challenges allow me to explore new possibilities.
  3. I exhale negativity and inhale peace.
  4. I value myself and my work.
  5. I am capable of overcoming any obstacle.
  6. I make time for what is important to me.
  7. I am a patient person.
  8. I am courageous.
  9. I throughout the day, I take breaks.
  10. Because my family and friends are important to me, I make time for them.
  11. I devote enough time to my interests.
  12. I am certainly deserving of financial security and freedom.
  13. Every day, I provide something useful.
  14. I’m sympathetic.
  15. I am useful.
  16. Together, my team and I work well.
  17. Rest is beneficial.
  18. Today, I’m attracting success, abundance, and happiness.
  19. I write my own success story.
  20. My work is consistent.
  21. As my team members achieve their objectives, I encourage them.
  22. I  look after my team members.
  23. I am open and honest with my team.
  24. I’m making the life I want for myself, personally and professionally.
  25. I will continue to work.
  26. Every day, I am growing and prospering.
  27. I am valuable regardless of my job performance.
  28. When dealing with difficult people, it is acceptable to set boundaries.
  29. My team and I are transparent with each other.
  30. My self-confidence is unwavering.

Self-esteem affirmations

  1. Asking for what I deserve is easy for me.
  2. I get along well with all of my coworkers.
  3. Wherever I work, I am aptly appreciated and well compensated.
  4. Everything I do brings me great joy.
  5. I am tenacious, consistent, and driven.
  6. I take calculated risks that result in financial gain.
  7. I’m determined to succeed at work.
  8. I schedule time for myself.
  9. I’m good at prioritising.
  10. I meet all my work goals.
  11. I have a natural desire to succeed.
  12. Working successfully is second nature to me.
  13. Today excites me because of the possibilities it holds.
  14. I am carrying out my mission in this world.
  15. I will be present at all times.
  16. I was able to let go of the stress from my job.
  17. I let go of all the tension in my work.
  18. I am no longer anxious or concerned.
  19. I am deserving of wealth and success.
  20. I’m brimming with brilliant ideas.
  21. I am a skilled problem solver.
  22. I will be rewarded in many ways if I do my job well.
  23. Even in difficult situations, I remain calm and centred.
  24. During stressful situations, I always maintain my equilibrium.
  25. I am well qualified for this position.
  26. I’m doing everything I can to achieve professional success.
  27. I deal with stressful situations with wisdom and clarity.
  28. I make sound decisions and moves.
  29. I will give my all to this job.
  30. I express myself confidently.

Calming work affirmations

  1. I’m designing a work-life balance that surely inspires and motivates me.
  2. I can choose which path I take.
  3. I’m proud of the time and effort I put into my work.
  4. I make every effort to maintain positive relationships with my coworkers.
  5. I’m tenacious and patient.
  6. Every adversity is a learning opportunity.
  7. I surround myself with people who are encouraging and supportive.
  8. I am an essential asset to my company.
  9. I can interact with difficult colleagues without getting upset or taking things personally.
  10. I achieve my goal by remaining focused and determined.
  11. I’m okay with the way things are.
  12. I use challenges to open up new prospects.
  13. I’m looking forward to a productive day.
  14. Today will be a fantastic day at work.
  15. Everyone, including myself, is accepted for who they are.
  16. I take criticism well.
  17. I am open to new possibilities.
  18. I am capable of great things.
  19. I have a positive influence on those around me.
  20. My coworkers inspire me to be my best.
  21. I’m prepared for any situation.
  22. I am thankful for my job.
  23. New opportunities for professional development are on the way.
  24. Even when it’s difficult, I treat everyone with respect.
  25. I will maintain calm even when dealing with difficult people or situations.
  26. I am deserving of good things.
  27. I choose to learn and grow every day, regardless of what work or life throws at me.
  28. My work is excellent.
  29. Everything will be within my vision and goals.
  30. I am at ease with my coworkers.

Funny work affirmations

  1. In any situation, I can find humour.
  2. Laughter brings people closer to me.
  3. Being funny comes naturally to me.
  4. People laugh when I’m around.
  5. I’ll always find a way to have a good time.
  6. I can make fun of myself.
  7. My problems are amusing to me.
  8. I have a fantastic sense of humour.
  9. I can always come up with something amusing to say.
  10. I am grateful for the ability of humour to heal.

These are the 100 positive affirmation examples to use in challenging work situations for motivation and career advancement.