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Not just CX, AI chatbot can also improve your EX

by Kartikay Kashyap

The AI chatbot reduces workload of HR on employee grievances and focus on strategic areas 

In today’s time, technology has improved by leaps and bounds. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technology has revolutionised various industries. Now, it is transforming the HR function and has the potential to take it to a different level. Similarly, AI Chatbot technology can be used to improve employee experience and automate many HR processes.


What is an AI Chatbot?

AI Chatbots allow users to converse with the bots and resolve queries. In employee cases, if anyone has any questions about HR policies, new initiatives, or salaries, their AI Chatbot can help them resolve these questions instantly through a chat session with the bot. The AI Chatbot uses the Natural Processing Language (NPL) technology to understand the intent of the user and effectively resolve queries. It is also capable of learning new ways to respond to different emotions and intents of the user, setting it apart from other technologies. 

What is the difference between a Chatbot and AI Chatbot?

The AI Chatbot is very different from a normal and standard chatbot technology which was being used earlier. The most significant difference is that the AI technology allows the user to have a free conversation. Whereas, a standard chatbot has limitations and its responses are pre-programmed. 

Moreover, an AI chatbot is equipped with NLP technology, which allows it to analyse human language and respond appropriately. In contrast, a standard chatbot drives conversation based on certain programming rules. The AI technology also comes with the ML ability where it can learn from the collected data while a normal chat will have a pre-programmed conversation flow. Also, AI can recognize the intent of a user, while standard chatbots cannot. 

How can AI chatbot help in enhancing employee experience? 

With the enhanced technology, an AI Chatbot can be useful in various ways. It can collect inputs, solve queries and nudge employees in a more effective and efficient way. This will help the HR to ease up their workload. 

Finally! A technology which can be trusted 

The NLP technology and the ability to understand the intent of the user and further learn from the collected data, takes this chatbot technology to a different level. It can respond to the user either in text or speech in an effective manner. The standard chatbot technology had challenges and limitations and the conversation was mechanical. Now the AI technology can make conversations and interaction more human. 

Quick resolution of employee queries

As a standard way, HR deals with all employee grievances and queries. However, due to manual handling resolution takes time. But now, the AI chatbot can resolve queries in a quick and instant way. With the available data, the AI chatbot can give information and resolve queries in a quick way. This will enhance the employee experience since it will resolve queries quickly and employees will not remain disgruntled. Otherwise, employees kept waiting for basic query resolution which is annoying. 

HR can focus on strategic matters

Since AI chatbot can handle a larger chunk of employee queries, it frees up the HR team to focus on more strategic matters. HR can now contribute to the growth of the organisation. This further will help the HR to think on other ways in which they can improve the employee experience in the organisation. More often, the HR struggles with administrative roles and fails to devote time to solving real people issues. 

Appeals to younger workforce

Millennials and Gen Zs who are the youngest cohort of the workforce and also represent the larger part of the Indian workforce, have grown up using upcoming and new age technologies. They prefer to use technology to solve problems which saves time and effort. Most importantly, it will be easier for them to adapt to this technology and that too quickly as compared to their predecessors. 

Boost the mood of your employees

With the help of the NLP technology and the ability to understand the intent of the user, it can help HR to gouge the mood of the employees. Moreover, HR can conduct digital surveys through chatbots which can further help HR to develop employee engagement strategies for the company. Moreover, some companies use the AI chatbot to nudge employees to take small breaks between work which keeps in check the wellbeing of employees. 

Ensures a high employee experience in all working models

In a post pandemic world, in some companies, people are also working remotely. This means the HR is not in direct face to face contact with the employees. In this case, an AI chatbot is always there at the disposal of an employee who is working remotely or from home. This is the very reason that many companies all around the world have adopted AI chatbot technology to keep their employees engaged. 

Will keep the digital employee experience high (DEX)

A digitally enabled AI chatbot technology keeps the digital employee experience (DEX) high. Now, what does DEX mean? So, this has three parts. Digital, employee and experience. It is a measure to check how well the firm is using technology to keep the DEX high. As mentioned earlier, the young generation prefers to use digital technology solutions to solve problems. Similarly, at the workplace the AI chatbot is suitable for employees to solve basic issues and queries. 

Many companies have already adopted the AI chatbot technology to improve customer experience and solve customer complaints in a timely manner.